About Us
Jack Demma Microscopes was founded in 1973 and is one of the oldest microscope sales and repair companies located in the Upstate New York and Pennsylvania area.

We provide an array of services from the sales of new and reconditioned microscopes to on-site service. Our service and reconditioned microscopes are warranted for one year after the date of service/sale. On-site service is provided at one price and includes cleaning, repair and calibration. Only additional charges are for parts required for repair.

Our customers range from homeschoolers, secondary education, universities, doctor's offices, and small businesses to large corporations. Many of our customers have been with us from the beginning.

Our history of customer satisfaction and support after the sale/service has earned us a reputation second to none in our market. 
Meet Our Team
Family owned and operated, we are proud of our second to none service we provide to all of our customers.
  1. Tony Sitter
    Tony Sitter
  2. Tara Sitter
    Tara Sitter
  3. Josh Sitter
    Josh Sitter
  4. Jack Demma
    Jack Demma
  5. Amanda Inscho
    Amanda Inscho
"Science is simply the word we use to decribe a method of our curiosity."
- Tim Minchin​