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New Moticam X
Moticam X is a next generation microscope camera that enables almost any microscope to wirelessly transmit live high-resolution images to up to 6 Wi-Fi™-enabled devices (tablets, smartphones, and computers running iOS, Android™, Macintosh® OS X, or Windows®). Since Moticam X generates its own Wi-Fi™ signal, it doesn’t tie up your network or require an additional router. Using MotiConnect, a free downloadable app, students view, capture, annotate, and measure Moticam X images on.
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Refurbished Parco LTM 800
The LTM-800 Binocular Microscope is a favorite for students in entry level college science classes. Offers advanced microscope features a binocular head with coaxial adjustments and built in mechanical stage at an affordable price. 
Recommended for students in High School and College or Universities

New Microscopes

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  1. National D-ELS-1
    National D-ELS-1
    The National D-ELS-1 Tri-Power Compound Microscope has three zooms; 1X, 2X, and 4X. The LED base light and top light have an adjustable illumination for optimal viewing. Our Recommended Grade Level - Middle School to High School
  1. National 131-RLED
    National 131-RLED
    The National Optical 131-RLED Basic Monocular Compound Microscope has a 10x widefield eyepiece with pointer, a forward-facing nosepiece with three DIN achromatic objectives that are parcentered and parfocal, LED illumination, separate coarse and fine focus, a disc diaphragm, and a plain stage with stage clips. The monocular viewing head has a fixed inclination to reduce eye and neck strain, and 360-degree rotation capability to enable sharing. An eyepiece pointer is used to identify features for students. A forward-facing nosepiece eases changing objectives. Rotation positions with secure, positive stops ensure accurate positioning and support a range of magnification options. Achromatic objectives provide color correction of magnified images. Parcentered and parfocal objectives ensure that the image stays centered and focused when the magnification is changed. The 40xR objective is retractable and spring-loaded to prevent damage to the slide or objective when focusing. A basic compound microscope is used in classroom, home school, and hobbyist settings for inspection and dissection of specimens when two-dimensional images are desired. The microscope has lower (diascopic) Brightfield illumination that transmits light up through the specimen for enhanced visibility of translucent and transparent objects. Brightfield (BF) illumination allows the specimen to absorb light, resulting in a dark image on a light background. The LED light source provides bright, cool light for working with temperature-sensitive or live specimens, and operates on rechargeable batteries for cordless operation. A disc diaphragm controls the amount of light illuminating the specimen. The plain stage has an opening for light transmission, stage clips to secure the slide or specimen in place while viewing, and pre-drilled holes that accept a mechanical stage (sold separately). Separate coarse and fine focus knobs speed focusing, and a tension adjustment on the coarse control ensures specimen stays focused during viewing. A slip clutch prevents excess pressure from damaging the slides or objectives, a stage stop prevents the stage or specimen from coming into contact with the objectives, and a focus tension control prevents stage drift. The cast metal frame provides durability and has a gray enamel finish.

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